Say goodbye to wine stains with DropStop: the perfect accessory for evenings out with friends. Wherever your personalized design shines.

We understand how frustrating it can be to see a few precious drops of wine escape the bottle when it’s time to serve. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you and give you tips to ensure that every drop of wine ends up in the glass and not on the table.

The right accessories

Before delving into practical tips, let us introduce you to the ideal accessory for preventing wine stains on your tablecloth: the Drop Stop. This small, flexible aluminum disc is easily inserted into the neck of the bottle and acts like a magic spout, preventing drips from running down the bottle. Thanks to this discreet companion, you’ll be able to serve your wine without hassle and without fear of clumsiness.

Choice of glass

A good glass is essential to serve your wine without making a mess. Choose stemmed glasses that are easy to grip. Avoid wide-rimmed glasses, as they can encourage splashing. Instead, opt for tulip-shaped or curved-rimmed glasses, which help concentrate aromas without spilling the precious beverage.

Wine temperature

Serving temperature is a crucial aspect in fully appreciating your wine. A wine that’s too hot can be unpleasant, while one that’s too cold can lose its aromas. Before serving, make sure you know the specific temperature recommendations for each wine. If in doubt, it’s best to serve the wine a little cooler, as it will naturally warm up in the glass.

Opening the bottle

The way you open the bottle can also have an impact on any drips. Carefully remove the capsule or film covering the cork, then use a suitable corkscrew to gently extract the cork. Once the cork has been removed, avoid shaking the bottle to minimize the risk of drips during serving.

The precise gesture

When pouring, make sure you hold the bottle by the body rather than the neck. This technique allows better control and reduces the risk of drips. Tilt the glass slightly and pour the wine along the side, avoiding pouring too quickly. This helps to aerate the wine and minimize splashing.

A final word of advice

Don’t forget to keep a clean cloth handy to wipe up any stray drops. Even with the best techniques, it’s possible for a few drops to slip through, so it’s best to be prepared.

Serving wine without drips takes a little practice and attention, but with the right tips and accessories such as Drop Stops, you can enjoy every sip of wine without fear of unwanted stains. Take the time to choose the right glass, respect the serving temperature and adopt a precise gesture when serving. You’ll be able to impress your guests and enjoy your wine-tasting moments to the full. Cheers!